Chesaray offers a down to earth and simple approach to healing, mindfulness, and embodied awakening. Her sessions aid people in resourcing in the stillness of Being, exploring the dynamic aspects of Reality, and digesting the depth and breadth of human conditioning. Her own search for “what is really Real,” began as early as she can remember. In her teens, several dramatic awakenings and the desire to be free of suffering propelled her to whole heartedly pursue embodied Freedom. Thru her in depth exploration of meditation, movement, bodywork, psychotherapeutic modalities, and devotion to learning from life experience, she has surrendered into the opportunity to be a healing force. Her sessions offer a heartfelt, personal, and eclectic approach to holistic transformation. Her sensitivity to the nuances of the somatic psyche and intuitive abilities provide insight into what’s in the way of abiding awakening and encourage Beingness to come into the foreground as a reliable resource and foundation.  

         She has a BA in philosophy from Santa CLara University, is a graduate of the two year comprehensive Hakomi Psychotherapy training, a certified Core Synchronism Practitioner through the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, an Advanced Angelic Reiki Practitioner, a Labor Doula, attended Meridian University master’s in Psychotherapy program, and a Dancing Freedom Facilitator. Chesaray has participated in numerous solo retreats and guided retreats with Adyashanti, Jeannie Zandi, Ammachi, Jon Bernie, David Pomerantz, and Byron Katie.  She is in deep appreciation for her ongoing explorations of Truth with Anrael Mukanday Lovejoy.