Private Sessions and Retreats

Resourcing Healing 

Resourcing healing sessions offer a space to simply lie down and receive. These sessions can create profound relaxation and facilitate the return of balance to the system. People have experienced awakenings into Unity, Peace, and Clarity and commonly experience deep physical and emotional healing. The presence of Being creates a field of transformation and Cranial Sacral therapy, Core Synchronism, and Reiki are often relied upon to help balance the system. Clients have found great insight into deep physical pain, reoccurring emotional patterns, and relief from symptoms associated with migraines, vertigo, traumatic brain injuries, hormonal imbalances, depression, cancer, chronic illness, back pain, and anxiety.




Somatic Self Inquiry Sessions and Retreats

Somatic Self Inquiry supports the dynamic participation in one’s healing and awakening process. These sessions often include Self inquiry, meditation, Hakomi mindfulness counseling, movement, and breath work. In these dynamic sessions, one can feel supported in exploring whats really going on for them and can access a greater resiliency within. In these sessions, Chesaray’s energetic transmission, intuitive abilities, and training in the Hakomi method of Body-Centered Psychotherapy are all utilized to create a balanced and held space for people’s explorations.

Somatic Inquiry Intensives are for those willing to immerse themselves in exploration. Intensives last one day to a week and offer private support in Inquiry, unwinding, and awakening. A daily schedule of meditation, somatic counseling, bodywork, and breath work sessions is designed to create a retreat like environment where deep unfolding and discovery can take place. People often discover the rich possibility of living an awakened life.

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