“Chesaray is a radiant being, powerfully open to the divine flowing through her. I truly recommend Chesaray to anyone who wants to wake up to their purpose, essence, and truth. of Chesaray’s many gifts is her holistic awareness of spirit: She sees that everything is divine. When I have a session with Chesaray, I am able to relax and loosen up to all of my insecurities, ego patterns and dramas–Just being in her presence makes me see them and laugh! ”  Avalon Gulley, CS Therapist

“Working with Chesaray has changed my life. For two weeks, we did an hour online session every weekday, and I am literally transformed. I felt a rich heart to heart connection, that I didn’t know could happen at a distance. I released a lot of old emotions, and healed really deeply. She helped me to see precisely what emotions were stuck inside my chronic tension. After our first one hour healing session, I had no more back pain. I think Chesaray has this great sensitive capacity to really connect with you wherever you are.”  Sylvain Héquet

“I had a powerful session with Chesaray where I awoke to who I truly am.  I felt my old self dissolve, and experienced a connection to the Everything that I am.  It touched a very deep part of me that has been longing for this wisdom my whole life. Moreover, Chesaray is an exceptionally gifted energy healer who has lowered what once was my debilitating back pain to merely a thought of something that no longer exists. As the son of chiropractic parents, I spent decades receiving adjustments which would relieve my pain for only a few days at a time.  It has been over two months since my appointment with Chesaray and I have remained pain free the entire time. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this lady’s talent.”  James Craig Anderson

“Chesaray has a presence and care about her that is able to hold a space for anything that comes up in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. She has a playfulness and a good sense of humor that I really appreciate which allows me to show all the different parts of myself with more ease. Her quiet attention, intuition, and skills allowed for deep healing to occur.” Bethany, Hakomi Therapist

“Chesaray has a real healing touch. I feel completely relaxed and restored after an hour session, she helps keep me going in my busy life.”  Cristie, CEO

“Chesaray radiates positive energy and she is well versed in a variety of practices…The personalized attention Chesaray gives is another detail that sets her apart. She actively listens to your goals and needs and creates a tailored program around you. I always learn something new about myself after sessions with Chesaray. I’m very grateful to know her.”  Jenn, CEO

“While traveling in Telluride,Colorado, I opened my eyes the first morning there, to room spinning vertigo that would not subside. I contacted Chesaray and after a one hour emergency session the Vertigo was gone. I went on to enjoy my vacation. Chesaray saved my day and trip.”  Jo, Real Estate Broker